Order 100 mcg/hr Duragesic transdermal film extended release online


100 mcg/hr Duragesic transdermal film, extended release
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What is the best way to use it?
Before you start using this medication and each time you get a refill, read the Medication Guide and, if available, the Instructions for Use issued by your pharmacist.
Learn how to use, store, and dispose of patches correctly.
Inquire with your doctor or pharmacist if you have any concerns.
Use this drug on a regular basis, as advised by your doctor, rather than only when you’re experiencing severe (breakthrough) pain.
Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you should stop or adjust how you use your other opioid medicine before starting this one (s)
Fentanyl patches can take up to 24 hours to give you pain relief.
Order 100 mcg/hr Duragesic transdermal film extended release online.

Other pain medicines (such acetaminophen and ibuprofen) may be prescribed as well.
Inquire with your doctor or pharmacist about the safe use of fentanyl with other medications.
As recommended by your doctor, apply this drug to your skin.
Apply on skin that has been exposed to radiation, but not on burns, wounds, or irritated skin (x-ray treatment)
Choose a flat section of your body that is dry and non-hairy, such as your chest, sides, back, or upper arms.
Apply the patch to the top back of small children or adults who are unable to think properly (such as those with dementia) to reduce the risk of it being removed or placed in the mouth.
If there is hair on the skin, trim it as near to the skin as possible with scissors.
On the application site, do not use soap, oils, lotions, or alcohol.
Before putting the patch, make sure your skin is completely dry.
Every 72 hours, the patch is usually replaced.
Apply to a different place each time to avoid irritation.
Before applying a new patch, make sure to delete the previous one.
Fold the used patch in half with the sticky sides together and discard properly since it still contains enough fentanyl to inflict serious harm, even death, to a kid or pet.
Do not apply a patch in front of children, and do not apply the patch where children may see it.
Children have taken patches that had fallen off or patches that had been removed from sleeping adults and put them in their mouths or on their bodies.
If the patch seems to be cracked, sliced, or damaged, do not use it.
Remove the protective liner from the sealed package and apply to the skin right soon.
For 30 seconds, press firmly in place with the palm of your hand, making sure the contact is complete (especially around the edges)
If your dose requires more than one patch, be sure the patches’ edges do not touch or overlap.
After applying the patch, wash your hands.
If you’re having trouble getting the patch to stick at the application site, use first aid tape to secure the edges.
If the condition persists, seek medical advice.

If the patch falls off and attaches to another person’s skin, remove it immediately, wash the area with water, and seek medical attention for them straight once.
Do not clean the area with soap, alcohol, or other agents.
The dosage is determined by your medical condition and treatment response.
Apply fewer patches than recommended, change them more frequently, or leave them on for longer than recommended.
Stopping this medicine suddenly can create withdrawal symptoms, especially if you’ve been taking it for a long period or in large dosages.
To avoid withdrawal, your doctor may gradually reduce your dose.
If you have any withdrawal symptoms, such as restlessness or mental/mood changes (including depression), contact your doctor or pharmacist right away.

It’s possible that if you use this drug for a long time, it won’t work as well.
If this drug isn’t functioning as well as it used to, talk to your doctor.
Despite the fact that it benefits a large number of people, this medication has the potential to create addiction.
If you have a substance use issue (such as overuse or addiction to drugs/alcohol), your risk may be increased.
To reduce the danger of addiction, take this medication exactly as directed.
For more information, consult your doctor or pharmacist.
If your pain does not improve or worsens, contact your doctor. Order 100 mcg/hr Duragesic transdermal film extended release online




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